Fitpreneur: The Ultimate Leader Healthy, Wealthy and Wise. How to Be the CEO of Your Business and Your Life (Ultimate Vitality)

Struggle less, be free to strive more. Less hard work and more energy to work hard at what you love.

Struggle less, be free to strive more. Less hard work and more energy to work hard at what you love.

Known as the Mojo Maker, Nikki Fogden-Moore specializes in working with CEOs, entrepreneurs, and high achievers in creating the life they want. She divides her time between private coaching, corporate vitality, boardroom, and bespoke retreats, workshops, and presenting. With her vitality coach podcast downloaded in over 80 countries and the Monday Mojo blog going out globally, Nikki's mission is to inspire and empower high achievers to truly bring business and personal vitality to life.

Nikki's personal mantra: Think like a CEO, plan like a visionary, act like a Buddha.

This audiobook will show you how to remove the internal negotiation and self-doubt, and instead lead with clarity and conviction in all areas of life consistently - without turning your life upside down. Designed to have me as your coach. We will rediscover what you value most, tap into a new perspective - a non-negotiating mindset and find your next level energy for greater business results with a sense of balance, peace, and wisdom within.

Creating small incremental changes to add to your foundation for remarkable results.

This audiobook is for the game-changers. The leaders. The entrepreneurs. The people who do things with life. Not just CEOs of large corporations, but anyone who runs a business any size - at home or across the globe.

"No one understands fine line that integrates your professional and personal vitality the way Nikki does. Her energy is infectious and her depth of knowledge makes her the leader in her field." (Rowdy Mclean, Play a Bigger Game)

"Nikki is an absolute powerhouse in her expertise of vitality for entrepreneurs and executives." (Jane Anderson, International speaker and author)

Nikki Fogden-Moore, the vitality expert. Speaker, author, and founder of the vitality road map.

The world's leading coach in truly bringing both business and personal vitality seamlessly to life for lasting results.

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